Yan Jiehe, Yan Xin Held Talks with Lan Tianli, Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

On March 21, at the invitation of the Political Consultative Conference of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Yan Jiehe and Yan Xin held talks with Lan Tianli, Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of the Autonomous Region in Nanning. The two sides analyzed and discussed the development of private enterprises and further exchanged views on deepening cooperation.

During the talks, Yan Jiehe put forward their unique views on the development of private economy, urban construction and rural revitalization in Guangxi in the light of current economic, political and cultural developments and future trends. He said that the Su-Tai-Hua Conglomerate survived in the cracks in the past 30 years. Thanks to the era, thanks to reform and opening up policy, private enterprises have unlimited opportunities. Thanks to the convening of the Nineteenth National Congress, which has brought great spring breeze private economy. He said that as a private enterprise, it relies on exceptional wisdom, excellent conscience and word of mouth. We strive to be clear-cut, adhere to data-orientation principle and build a conscientious project of zero subcontracting, zero affiliation, zero complaints. We will continue to actively implement the bilateral cooperation agreement and make greater contributions to the opening up and development of Guangxi.

Chairman Yan Xin said that after years of intensive cultivation in Guangxi, it has become the second home of Su-Tai-Hua people. We hope to build Guangxi just like our hometown. As the second generation of private entrepreneurs, we will inherit the spirit of “wisdom, conscience, hardship and loss”. With the strong sense of mission of local enterprises in Guangxi, we will devote ourselves to the building of Guangxi and constantly create new achievements to return this trust and appreciation.

Lan Tianli pointed out that the development and growth of Yan’s enterprises is a microcosm of the development of private enterprises in China. Yan Jiehe’s cultural ideas, values and innovative spirit have injected strong core competitiveness into the enterprise, which not only realizes the inheritance of family enterprises, but also completes the inheritance of industry spirit. With such enterprises, Guangxi will be able to go out faster and better, and create a new chapter in the development of Guangxi.

CEO of Susun Group Yu Wen, regional President of CPCG Li Xiang together with some other officials attended the meeting.