Susun Construction
Susun Construction is another international infrastructure construction company created by Mr. Yan Jiehe that owns general contracting qualification and professional qualification for state-owned roads, city infrastructure and water conservancy project after he founded the China’s largest city operator CPCG. Susun Construction takes BOT as its main operating mode. It takes highways, undersea tunnels, oversea bridges, harbors, docks, infrastructures and water conservancy projects and other infrastructure and investment as its core industry. Based on the powerful professional advantage, Susun Construction successively participated in construction of Shanghai-Nanjing, Shanghai-Zhuhai, Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Hongkong,Huoerguosi-Lianyungang expressways and Jiangyin Bridge, Nanjing Metros, clean-up projects of Taihu Lake as well as other national & provincial key construction projects.
People of Susun Construction holds the value of “being honest”, maintains the goal of promoting the marketization of China’s economy in order to realize the dream of gaining our nation’s honor and the responsibility of wining our people’s dignity.