Core Values
touching yourself and others

The competition of countries is the competition of companies;
The competition of companies is the competition of industries;
the competition of industries is the competition of leaders;
the competition of leaders is the competition of teams;
the competition of teams is the competition of culture.

Appreciate your staff;
Encourage your talents;
Be committed to teams;
Respect your leaders;
Get acquainted with governments;
Be aware of media;
Make friends with your customers;
Respect your rivals.

positive in mind, soft in soul and be kind to others

Forget troubles and make space for sunlight;
Don’t think too much and make the negative thinking pass;
Everyday is new and don’t let the pain to the other day;
Admire others’ excellency;
Be confident unconditionally even you are in trouble;
Be courageous and face disgrace and mock directly.

Romance because of acquittance;
Touch because of accommodation;
Kind because of serendipity;
Wise because of struggle;
Relax because of pain;
Regretless because of appreciation;
Growth because of giving up;
Mature because of contentment;
Success because of unselfishness.

One can achieve success only by his integrity and reputation.

Altitude from the private to the public;
Depth from wealth to reputation;
Breadth from home t country;
Width from have to have-not.

Ambition leads to dream;
Talents lead to momentum;
Person loyalty leads to commitment;
Heroism leads to leveraging;
Aggressiveness leads to clappers;
Uprightness leads to responsibility;
Harmony leads to share.