Yan Xin
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Susun Group
Yan Xin, born in Huai'an, Jiangsu Province, Yan Jiehe’s daughter, who is a famous entrepreneur, and an outstanding representative of the second generation of entrepreneurs after China's reform and opening-up. She has an important influence on China's private enterprises, infrastructure industries, and green buildings.

As the chairman of the board of directors of Susun Group, Yan Xin develops the national enterprise with global views, actively leads reform and innovation. Meanwhile she improves the industrial structure and market layout of Susun Group, and promotes development of the Group. Under her leadership, Susun Group takes social responsibility positively and serves the national strategy. While extensively participating in poverty alleviation and development in the central and western regions, making great efforts in the construction of beautiful countryside, and devoting herself to the glorious cause, she actively invested in the construction of "the belt and road initiative", entered overseas markets, helped the diplomacy of big countries, and fully demonstrated the style of private enterprises in the new era.

Adhering to the concept of “do business with culture and do management with standards", Yan Xin actively innovates the top-level design of enterprise management, focuses on creating an innovative management model with cross-type and flat organization, makes great efforts to build talented personal echelon, reforms shareholding system, leads employees from employees to shareholders, from profession to career, from salary to honor, and pays attention to making every Susun’s people win happiness and sense of gain. Meanwhile, she actively attends concentrate on the development of the construction industry technology, advocates green innovation in the construction industry, promotes Susun Group to deepen its core businesses such as expressways, undersea tunnels, sea-crossing bridges, ports, docks, large-scale municipal and water conservancy projects. At the same time, Ms. Yan continuously innovates business formats, and makes efforts to become a leading technological, innovative and intelligent infrastructure enterprise in China in frontier fields such as integration of production and city, sponge city, intelligent transportation, ecological engineering, landscape, and green buildings.


Yan Jiehe

Chairman of Zhuang Yan Think Tank.

Yan Jiehe, the founder of China Pacific Construction Group (CPCG), was born in Huai’an, Jiangsu Province in 1960. He is also the founder of the Zhuangyan Think Tank and its three associates: CPCG, Susun Group, Zhuangyan Group. Mr. Yan is known as “No. 1 Chinese ‘madman’ globally” and “No.1 boss in China to treat staff generously”. 
In 1986, Mr. Yan Jiehe was publicly selected to be the factory manager. In 1988, he became the manager. In 1990, he became the general manager. In 1992, he became the director of the board. In 1995 he became the group president, and in 1998, he became the chairman of the board. 
In 1992, Mr. Yan Jiehe started his career with 120,000 Yuan as capital. From the philosophy of “it is better to lose 80,000 Yuan than 50,000 Yuan” to obtain the first barrel of gold 8.6 million Yuan, his beginning became a global business legendary case. In 1996, from violation of the law to the legal investment in the construction of Shifu Avenue in Suqian, Mr. Yan started the first BT (BTBTO-FEPCO) mode, and he is known as “the father of Chinese BT model”. In 2002, Mr. Yan pioneered the merging and acquisition of SOEs. He spanned more than a dozen industries and achieved hundreds of enterprises. 
In 2008, Mr. Yan Jiehe joined together with the political, business and academic elites to create the Huatuo CEO Forum. He is the first to promote entrepreneurs to talk about the enterprises; Mr. Yan Jiehe brought the resources, wisdom and capital to a full play to form the Zhenghe fleet; to establish the Pacific Business School and cultivate practical Chinese entrepreneurs. 
In 2018, as the vice chairman of the China Poverty Alleviation Association, Mr. Yan Jiehe responded to the 19th National Rural Revitalization Strategy and invested 15 billion U.S. dollar in the Caoyun Town on the Grand Canal to build a world-class Wenmei Village, profound as the Global Village. 
The Yan family’s CPCG has been selected in the world’s top 500 for eight consecutive years, and it is the best in the privately-owned construction enterprise in the world. 
Mr. Yan Jiehe delivered lectures at high-end forums such as APEC, Davos, Boao, famous educational institutions like Harvard, Wharton, Cambridge, Oxford, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Central Party School, and more than 1,000 government authorities, enterprises and institutions in China. Mr. Yan Jiehe has been invited to give more than a thousand keynote speeches. He dedicated to create six sister flowers which represent the “New Analects of Confucius”, the Global Village, the Huatuo Personality Scholarship, the Zhuangyan Think Tank, the Chinese and foreign political and business leaders Huatuo CEO Forum, Wuwei Academy. And it has become a cultural brand with international influence. 
His masterpieces include the “New Analects of Confucius”, “the Crown of Fundamental Element”, “the Realm of Management”, “the Future is determined by Industry”, the “Entrepreneurial Growth, Mature and Success”. 
Developing business naturally and smoothly, and diagnosing business precisely and comprehensively. Mr. Yan Jiehe was praised by the media as a thinker, philosopher, educator, economist, and entrepreneur, who is profound in thought, new in philosophy, and quintessential in language. 
Greatness comes out from suffering. When rice is ripe, it will bow. “As the first Chinese ‘madman’, I am not ‘mad’ anymore, I am walking from the rise of owning everything to the comfort of sharing everything.”