Yan Jiehe

Yan Jiehe, born in 1960 in Jiangsu, is the Chairman of the Board of Shanghai Wisdom Group, Honorary Chairman of Huatuo CEO Forum Organizing Committee.

Yan Jiehe created a unique corporate culture and is reputed as the most assertive Chinese entrepreneur and the most generous Chinese employer in the world.



Yan Hao 

Yan Hao is currently Vice Chairman of China Private-Owned Business Association (CPBA), Executive Vice Chairman of China Private Economy Research Society, Chairman of Huatuo CEO Forum Organizing Committee, Chairman of China Pacific Construction Group. 

Born in 1986 in Huai’an, Jiangsu province in China, Yan Hao is the son of Yan Jiehe and a leading second-generation entrepreneur after China introduced its reform and opening policy in the late 1970s. While inheriting the family’s intellectual and business wealth, Yan Hao is exploring new horizons in his life and career.