Susun Group

Founded by Mr. Yan Jiehe in 2013, Susun Group is a large international infrastructure construction company. The group takes infrastructural investment and construction as its core industry. Highways, subsea tunnels, cross sea bridges, seaports, wharfs and water conservancy projects are its core businesses.

Thanks to the advantages in its professionalism, capitals and resources, Susun Group has engaged in the construction of provinces and cities alongside the Belt and Road Initiative. Under the strategies of “the Exploitation of West China”, “the Rise of Central China” and “the Revitalization of North-East China”, Susun Group has taken the initiative and made great achievements. The group has deeply participated in the investment, construction of Guizhou, Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Hebei, Henan, Liaoning and Shandong in the form of BTO, EPC and PPP mode, which were initiated by Mr. Yan Jiehe. In recent 5 years, with Ms. Yan Xin at its helm, Susun Group has evolved into a construction-capital-deeply-integrated group with a virtuous cycle in its development course.

In 2017, Susun Group has incorporated with another large-scale infrastructure company, which is subordinate to Mr. Yan Jiehe - Huatuo Construction Group. The total operating revenue of the reorganized Susun Group reached 193 billion yuan with the total employees reach 160,000. After the restructuring and upgrade in 2018, Susun Group has achieved a steady performance in its business and reached 215 billion yuan for its operating revenue.

Susun Group staff uphold the value of “sincerity and greatness”, stick to the idea of “treating employees generously and taking brand seriously”. Susun Group will fully leverage its own advantages and strengths, integrate resources, wisdom and capital, continue to lead Chinese private construction enterprises to innovate towards globalization. Ultimately, the group is committed to the mission of national honor and ethnic dignity.