Susun Group


The Headquarter of Susun Group locates in the finance and trade zone of Shanghai Lujiazui. It is the Financial Arm of the Five Arm System created by President Yan Jiehe. It has two divisions—Susun Capital Group and Susun Construction Group, which cover the fields of finance, education,  culture, wisdom, as well as large-scale municipal  infrastructure, transportation projects and other industrial fields.

With the help of powerful economic assistance and profound culture of Five Arm System, together with the backup of Pacific Construction entity and Huatuo CEO International Forum, escorted by the profound corporate culture, Susun Group forges an international group that combines infrastructure and capital in a deep level.
Susun People adhere to the quality of being honorable, kind, brave, wise, and diligent. To start from resources, complete with wisdom, and then finally accomplish the capital.