Talent Philosophy
发布时间:2019-02-04 15:23:17

(1) Talents Standard

Talents for Grassroots
Virtues for Middle Level
Ambition for the Top Officials

(2) Ideas for Talents

Level is superior to diploma
Fitness is superior to titles
Capability is superior to experiences
Devotion is superior to contribution
Style is superior to morality

(3) Minds for Talents

The First God---Appreciative Staff
The Second God---Respectful Leaders
The Third God---Loyal Customers

(4)Methods for Talents

Using talents rationally and transparently

(5)Skills for Talents

Be excel at care, accommodation and generosity

(6)Ambitions for Talents

More appreciation, less condemnation.

(7)Requirements for Talents

Middle Level---Emotion
Senior Officials---Cause

(8)Philosophy for Talents

Growth---Failure is the mother of success
Maturity---Success is the mother of failure
Success---advantages and disadvantages are most important

(9)Style for Talents

Treat talents with abundant remuneration.

(10)Success for Talents
Dare to deny, be bold to innovate and be willing to choose.

The first-class enterprise presents the first-class business academy.

The key of corporate management is to manage people, the key of which is to cultivate people. While the ultimate key falls on the personality of the boss.

Everybody has things to do. Suitable people are fitting with appropriate things.

Spare no efforts to recruiting and using talents.

Be no afraid of being used. The key is who is using you.