Huatuo Individuality Scholarship Tour Award Presentation Ceremony was Grandly Held in Zhijin, Guizhou Province

On September 30th, 2018 Huatuo Individuality Scholarship tour award presentation ceremony was grandly held in Zhijin, Guizhou Province. The President of Zhuang Yan Think Tank Mr. Yan Jiehe, Chairman of the Board of Susun Group, Ms. Yan Xin and some government officials of Guizhou Province presented the awards to local hundreds of students with individuality. The activity was hosted by the head of Zhijin County Pan Fayong.

Yan Jiehe said in the ceremony that after four decades of reform and opening up, 95% of Chinese students are now put equal stress on intregrity and ability. This is an era featuring innovation, new standard wust be set up, individuality must be stressed on so that more students could show their uniqueness. In the new era, new thoughts and new theory are generated, we have to integrate the comprehensive development with students' individuality. Only students with individuality can induce talented education.

Yan Xin hopes all students could develop with individuality and embrace inviduality. We have to be courageous and become the mainstay of state development and national rejuvenation.

Zuo Dingchao said in the remarks, the current activity fully demonstrates the noble morality that Yan Jiehe and Yan Xin hold in Zhijin education. This will definitely exert a far-reaching impact on Zhijin education and innovation. He hopes Susun Group could continue care and pay close attention to the  education field of Guizhou Province.

Wang Quansong extends his gratuade towards Yan family and Susun Group's care and support to Zhijin education cause. The Huatuo Individuality Scholarship will inspire every students.

Yang Ye extends his gratitude to Susun Group for its care and support towards Zhijin education cause. The current Huatuo Individuality Scholarship Award Presentation Ceremony held in Zhijin County fully reflects Susun Group's deep affection toward Zhijin. It will further push the high quality development of Zhijin education cause.