Yan Jiehe and Yan Hao were elected as Hurun Rich List with owning 85 Billion——Ranking the Seventh
发布时间:2014-09-23 16:35:42

Editor: Zhang Haoran

On September 23rd, Hurun Rich List 2014 was released, Yan Jiehe and his son Yan Hao rank the seventh among the one hundred with owning 85 billion yuan. In the meanwhile, Yan Hao, who is 28 years old, is believed to be the youngest billionaire among the top ten. In the 8 Global 500 companies, Sutaihua Conglomerate ranks in the first place.
This is the 16th Hurun Rich List since 1999 in a row, when Hurun Research Institute established. Ma Yun’s family claimed the first place in the list with owning 150 billion yuan whereas Wang Jian Lin and his family ranks the second. Li Hejun got the third place. The overall estate that are owned by the 1000 entrepreneurs listed is more than the GDP of Spain and South Korea.


In 2005, Yan Jiehe once was elected to be the second with owning 12.5 billion, which made him become the big “black horse” of that year. In 2014, Yan Jiehe and Yan Hao were elected as the 7th with owning 85 billion—3.7m times as much as last year.
In this list of this year, the Hurun List showcases that the IT industry rises at the fastest speed. Five out of ten involves in IT industry. Industries such as entertainment, cars, new energy, medication and manufacturing are among the top wheres iron industry is the worst.
When interviewed by many media, President Yan Jiehe conveyed his congratulation to Ma Yun about his getting of the richest man in China. As the transformation time is upon us, internet economy develops in an astonishing speed. And this is the trend that will happen. Infrastructure construction industry is the traditional industry. There will be someone doing it after all. We aim to become the biggest construction company in the world. Sutaihua Conglomerate will certainly march towards to the biggest infrastructure construction company in the world.