Susun Group signed a 300 billion yuan strategic cooperation agreement with Guiyang Municipal People's Government and Gui 'an New Area Management Committee.

On December 9, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between Susun Group, Guiyang Municipal People's Government of Guizhou Province and Gui 'an New Area Management Committee was held in Guiyang.

Yan Xin, Chairman of Susun Group's Board of Directors, Ma Yuning, Deputy Secretary of Guiyang Municipal Committee and Acting Mayor, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Gui 'an New Area and Director of the Management Committee attended the signing ceremony and delivered speeches. Wang Jianchuang, the first vice chairman and CEO of Susun Group's Board of Directors and Chairman of Susun Group's Construction Board of Directors, Xiong Guoxi, Member of the Party Working Committee of Gui 'an New Area and Deputy Director of the Management Committee, and Gang Lin, Deputy Mayor of Guiyang, signed the contract as representatives respectively.

According to the Agreement, the two parties will comprehensively deepen cooperation focusing on infrastructure construction and industrial development in line with "14th Five-Year Plan" of Guiyang Gui 'an , and the scale of cooperation projects is planned to be no less than 300 billion yuan within five years.

Chairman Yan Xin said that Guiyang Gui 'an is an important strategic market of Susun Group in Guizhou. With the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two parties, we will keep up with the development strategy and key deployment of Guiyang City and Gui 'an New Area, continuously strengthen the layout of the whole industrial chain of infrastructure, increase investment, broaden cooperation areas and make new contributions to the high-quality economic development of Guiyang Gui 'an.

Acting Mayor Ma Ningyu warmly congratulated the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement and expressed his thanks to Susun Group for its contribution to Guiyang Gui 'an's economic development. He said that based on Susun Group's unique advantages and strong strength in the field of infrastructure construction and good cooperation foundation with Guiyang Gui 'an, the two parties would increase cooperation, deepen cooperation level and speed up development.