Chairman Yan Xin talks with He Luchun, Secretary of Guigang Municipal Party Committee

On December 14, Yan Xin, Chairman of Susun Group Board of Directors, held talks with He Luchun, Secretary of Guigang Municipal Committee, and the two parties exchanged views on further deepening cooperation.

During the talks, Chairman Yan Xin said that the cooperation between Susun Group and Guigang will be long-term, based on the deep foundation of cooperation between the two parties. We will closely focus on the needs of Guigang’s infrastructure construction and industrial development, further enhance the intensity, depth and breadth of investment, continuously strengthen the layout of the whole industrial chain of infrastructure, promote the implementation of cooperation in more fields, and add new kinetic energy to Guigang’s high-quality economic development.

Secretary He Luchun welcomed Chairman Yan Xin and his party, and expressed his thanks to Susun Group for its contribution to Guigang’s economic development. In addition, he also introduced Guigang’s economic and social development and key project planning. He said that Susun Group has strong strength and advanced ideas, and both parties have a good foundation for cooperation. He hoped Susun Group would continue to give full play to its advantages in the industry, accelerate the promotion of projects and expand the scope of cooperation, and the two parties would open a new chapter in cooperation and development.