Chairman Yan Xin Held Talks with Fei Zhirong, Vice-Chairman of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

On May 30, Yan Xin was invited to visit Fei Zhirong, who is the Vice Chairman of Guangxi Autonomous Region. The two sides exchanged friendly views on further deepening cooperation.

During the talks, Yan Xin thoroughly shared the development process, philosophy and corporate culture. She said that in the past 30 years, we have never forgotten our first intention, adhered to our conscience and made every effort to serve the construction of all parts of the country. The group resolutely adhere to “going to the market instead of going to the officialdom” and create “close” and “clean” political and commercial relations in public. By continuous innovation, the group dedicated to be the industry leader and standard setters. In recent years, Yan’s enterprises have closely cooperated with the development strategy of the autonomous region and devoted themselves to the construction of Guangxi, which has become the second home of many Susun Group staff. All the remarkable achievements only represent the past, the future is always blank. We will continue to take root in Gangxi and serve the construction of Guangxi. We’ll ride the wind and break the waves and write a new chapter of Susun Group in the prosperity and development of Guangxi.

Fei Zhirong welcomed the arrival of Yan Xin. He said that since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement of 450 billion yuan between the two sides, the Group has actively fulfilled the requirements of the agreement, carried out construction in all parts of Guangxi and made important contributions to the development of Guangxi. Guangxi is a strategic area for the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative. At present, infrastructural facilities such as transportation and water conservancy projects are still weak. We hope that the two sides will continue to work closely together to consolidate partnership and broaden cooperation areas and form complementary advantages and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Wang Hanli, Chairman of Supervisory Board, CEO Yu Wen, Regional President Hu Fei, together with other officials participated in the talks.