Yan Xin Held Talks with Zhao Manzhu, Secretary of the Wanquan District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province and Zhang Zhiyou, District Director

From April 27th to 28th, Yan Xin was invited to visit Wanquan District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. He held friendly talks with Zhao Manzhu, Secretary of the Wanquan District Committee and Zhang Zhiyou, District Governor.

On the 27th, Yan Xin arrived in Wanquan Distirct and visited the Ice and Snow Sports Equipment Industrial Park, Beixintun Township (Hollow Village Project), Ximalin Town and the hospital building of Chinese Medicine in Zhangjiakou High-tech Zone with the leaders of Wanquan District on the spot.
On the 28th, Yan Xin held talks with Zhao Manzhu and Zhang Zhiyou. She introduced the development, unique advantages and corporate culture of Susun Group and pointed out that the magnificent enterprise development originated not only from the craftsmanship spirit of “wisdom, conscience, hardship and loss” but also from the development mentality of giving back the society with the cause. We have been working hard in the field of infrastructure construction. Wanquan has obvious geographical advantages and a broad space for development. Both sides have established deep feelings and mutual trust in their previous cooperation. Susun Group is willing to cooperate with Wanquan District in building local infrastructure, providing continuous impetus for local sustainable development and leaving valuable wealth for future generations by continuing to give full play to the advantages of “resources, wisdom and capital” and cooperating with local governments.

Zhao Manzhu said that through previous cooperation and exchanges, the two sides have established deep mutual trust. The meeting with Yan Xin again indicates that the cooperation between the two sides will enter a new stage. Hollow village governance project is an important link in the current development of Wanquan District. It is also an important measure to comprehensively implement the strategy of Rural Revitalization and win the battle against poverty. It is hoped that the two sides will work hand in hand to intensify their efforts, speed up the financing work and take a number of measures simultaneously to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

Zhang Zhiyou introduced in detail the current development situation and key project planning of Wanquan District. He said that the greening projects cooperated by the two sides had achieved remarkable results, and the quality and progress of the projects were obvious to all. Wanquan District is willing to establish a long-term friendly and cooperative partnership with Susun Group. It hopes that both sides will further deepen and broaden their cooperation, contribute to Wanquan’s economic development and draw a new chapter of development.

Wang Hanli, Chairman of Supervisory Board of Susun Group, Zhong Guilin, Chairman of the Seventh Susun Group and leaders of relevant functional departments participated in the talks.