Yan Jiehe was Invited to Attend the Opening Ceremony of 2019 Boao Confucian Business Forum and Delivered Keynote Speeches

On April 2, the Boao Confucian Business Forum, with the theme of “Confucian Businessmen and the World: Building, Winning and Sharing”, opened at the Boao Asian International Conference Center in Hainan. Yan Jiehe, President of the Zhuang Yan Think Tank, was invited to Hainan to join the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Li Zhaoxing, and former Vice Minister of Foreign Economic and Trade, Long Yongtu, and other famous politicians and businessmen. At the opening ceremony, he delivered the keynote speech “Degree”.

Nearly 2000 dignitaries, scholars and entrepreneurs from all over the world gathered together. Mr. Long Yongtu, former Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Chief Negotiator for China's WTO Entry and former Secretary-General of the Boao Forum for Asia, delivered an opening speech “Rising the Tide to the World”, and Mr. Li Zhaoxing, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, delivered the keynote speech of the opening ceremony “Patriotism and Respect the People”.

In this high-end political and business dialogue, Yan Jiehe, President of the Zhuang Yan Think Tank, responded to the spirit of Confucian businessmen in the new era with 12 keywords: wisdom, conscience, hardship, loss, sunshine, simplicity, innovation, armor, teeth, flexibility and tactility. Only when it succeeds, can we talk about the referee culture of Confucianism. He also talked about honesty culture and put forward a new proposition of “East-West differences in economy, North-South differences in culture”.

When the host specifically asked “what is entrepreneurship”, Yan Jiehe responded, “I don’t know how much money I’ve earned, how much money I’ve spent, how much money I shouldn’t have spent. I made the most mistakes, so I learned the most. It is the spirit of entrepreneurship that we should do everything in an utmost way. The social responsibility of entrepreneurs should begin with the responsibility for the people who gave birth to us and our generations. If this cannot be achieved, there is no social responsibility.” This wonderful answer won warm applause.

In the final keynote speech “Degree”, Yan Jiehe explained his deep understanding of “Confucian businessmen in the new era”. Around “Every man has his degree in doing things, and every mistake is bound to make more mistakes”. He talked about business life, from “45 degrees in doing things, 90 degrees in acting as a man, 180 degrees in dealing things, 360 degrees in dealing with people”, through “12 degrees in excellent life”, to “the dream of wealth, benevolence and harmony, the measurement of gain and loss, joy and anger”. His delicate exposition arouses wide resonance on the spot.

In view of Yan Jiehe’s consistent entrepreneurship and set an example for the Chinese business community, this forum is dedicated to awarding him the 2019 Boao Confucian Business Model Award. Zhuang Congsheng, former full-time vice-chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, presented the awards for Yan Jiehe.

The Boao Confucian Business Forum is a non-profit, regular and sited high-end forum with entrepreneurs as the main body and interaction between the political and business circles. Its permanent address is located in Boao, Hainan, China. The purpose of the Boao Confucian Business Forum is to create wealth through ethics and to benefit the world through virtue. Its mission is to promote business through Confucianism and to serve the country through commerce. Its mission is to build a platform for exchanges between scholars and entrepreneurs to help enterprises grow healthily and contribute to the revitalization of the Chinese nation and the development of human society.

The opening ceremony of the day was presided over by Professor Li Honglei, chairman of the Boao Confucian Business Forum. The Secretary General of the China Association for Industry, Learning and Research Promotion, the vice chairman of the China Association for Innovation and Industry, the vice chairman of the Consultative Committee of the Cross Strait and Hong Kong and Macao collaborative innovation alliance, Wang Jianhua, vice chairman of the Silk Road International General Chamber of Commerce, the Deputy Secretary of the Qionghai Municipal Committee, the Minister of Organization, Secretary of the Law Commission, Liu Jian delivered speeches successively.