Susun Sixth Construction Group Held Opening Ceremony of Beijing-Zhangjiakou Olympic Park

On April 3, the project of Beijing-Zhangzhou Olympic Park in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, contracted by Susun Sixth Construction Group, was inaugurated. Liu Huaiqing, chairman of the board of directors of Susun Sixth Construction Group, delivered a speech. Zhang Cong, Secretary of Xuanhua District Committee, Wang Liang, director of Jingkai District Management Committee, Feng Zhongjun attended the event. Li Zhankui, deputy director of Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, presided over the opening ceremony.

In his speech, Liu Huaiqing said that once enter into Xuanhua, we will be Xuanhua people, speak Xuanhua dialect, do Xuanhua affairs and fulfill our responsibilities. Susun Group will always follow the “smart, competent and more obedient” standard of conduct, with the best management team, the most sophisticated equipment configuration and high standards, high requirements, high quality to complete the construction task of the project. We will spare no effort to build the project into a high-quality project, an example project and a safe and civilized project.

Zhang Cong said that the infrastructure in Beijing-Zhangjiagang Olympic Park is the cornerstone of the rapid development of the park. It represents the image of the park, and is an important project related to people’s livelihood and economic development. He hoped that Susun Group would make full use of the advantages of the enterprise. The same time the group pay attention to quality, safety and image, it can also ensure the opening of the park within the construction period.

The President of the 6th Group of Susun Group Li Chunmei together with some other top and senior officials attended the event.