The 8th Group of Susun Signed a 2-Billion-Yuan of Cooperative Framework Agreement with Ge’ermu Industry District, Qing Hai.

On November 13th, the 8th Group of Susun Signed Cooperative Framework Agreement with Ge’ermu Construction Group. The 8th Group of Susun CEO Ms. Xin Yue and Ge’ermu Construction Group Director & Manager Mr. Wei Chunsheng signed the agreement. As the agreement with the Ge’ermu Group in 2018-2025, the Susun Group will invest 2 billion yuan in Ge’ermu Industry District, and builds infrastructure construction in EPC+F Mode. The Susun Group Vice-President Mr. Zhao Qi and Ge’ermu Industry District Vice-Director Mr. Hai Jizhong attended the activity.

Mr. Hai Jizhong said that Susun Group is powerful and is a cultural company. It will boost the development of the park. He hopes the two sides could strengthen negotiation and build a template project. The two sides should make the signing of this framework agreement as a starting point to conduct more friendly cooperation. The both sides have the same cooperation target. The Susun Group and Ge’ermu Construction Group can build mutual trust through communication.

Some other top officials and leaders have also attended the meeting.