Yan Xin Met with the Head of Xishi District, Yinkou City, Liaoning Province, Sun Xingning in Nanjing

On March 18th, Yan Xin met with the head of Xishi district, Yinkou city, Liaoning Province, Sun Xingning in Nanjing. The two sides conducted exchanges in terms of infrastructure construction cooperation.

During the meeting, Yan Xin pointed out that Susun Group is the bellwether in the infrastructure field. It will always lead the industrial development with innovation and work in the spirit of craftsmanship. The past 30 years have witnessed twists and turns. No matter what have changed, we will always stick to the principle of “wisdom, conscience, bitterness and hardships”. The group will take the initiative with sophisticated techniques and absolute speed. The cooperation between government and business should be the unreserved trust and dedication. Ultimately, the group will be bound to win a beautiful city.

Sun Xingning elaborated the economic development situation, cooperative projects and financial channel of Xishi District. He said the development of Xishi can not go without the support of Susun Group. The government will create a better business environment and more efficient service system to push the cooperation.

Chairman of the Board of Susun Second Group Fu Ningfeng, CEO Gao Yuliang together with some other officials attended the meeting.