Yan Xin Held Talks with Party Secretary of ABC Guangxi Branch Wu Jianhua

On March 10th, Yan Xin held talks with Party Secretary of ABC Guangxi Branch Wu Jianhua. The two sides conducted deep exchanges between bank and enterprise.

Yan Xin said Yan’s family sticks to wisdom and consciousness and never forgets its CSR. We are following the Belt and Road Initiative. Yan’s family rooted in Guangxi and implements the 450 billion-yuan cooperative agreement with the government. Previously, Susun group had already sound cooperation with ABC. She hopes the current meeting could improve efficiency and comb through the thoughts. By doing so, we could push Guangxi’s development jointly.

Wu Jianhua said the principle of ABC is to serve the agriculture and rural development services. Susun Group is the leading enterprise for urban-rural infrastructure construction. The two sides could cooperate more in the development goals. The two sides could conduct more communications and exchanges to establish the long term strategic cooperative relationship.

The first Vice-Chairman of Susun Group Chen Yue, CEO Yu Wen together with other senior officials and leaders from ABC attended the meeting.