Yan Xin Held Talks with the Party Secretary of Wuzhou, Guangxi

On Febuary 28th, Yan Xin was invited to visit Wuzhou city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and held talks with the Party Secretary, Quan Guishou. The two sides conducted exchanges in deepening government-business cooperation and pushing local development.

Yan Xin said no matter what have happened in the past 30 years, Susun people continue stick to the promise of “safety first, reputation second and efficiency third”. Guangxi is an important market for Susun Group and also the second hometown of Susun Group. We will continue to build our hometown with a positive attitude. We hope the two sides could enhance understanding and resolve misunderstanding, foster new driving points for cooperation and make more contribution to the city’s quality and people’s livelihood.

Quan Guishou extended his warm welcome to Yan Xin’s arrival. He said Wuzhou is the east gate of Guangxi and key important city of Xijiang River. We are welcoming Susun Group to increase investment and leaving more conscience projects.

Chairman of the Board of the Supervision of Susun Group Wang Hanli together with some other senior officials attended the meeting.