The 8th Group of Susun Group Signed a 3-Billion-Yuan Cooperative Agreement with Golmud Investment Holding. Ltd.

On November 14th, the 8th Group of Susun Group signed an investment cooperation framework agreement with Golmud Investment Holding. Ltd in Golmud city. The Vice chairman of Susun Group Zhao Qi and the GM of Golmud Investment Holding. Ltd Li Shiyu act as the representatives to sign the contract. According to the agreement, Susun Group will invest no less than 3 billion yuan in the infrastructure construction of both the old and new urban areas. 
During the signing spot, Zhao Qi said that upon several on-spot visit and exchanges, he noticed that Golmud enjoys a sound prospect with huge potential. Susun Group will follow the spirit of "resources, wisdom and capital" and create a beautiful Golmud with a spirit of ownership. By doing so, new development landscape will be formed featuring connectivity and mutually-benefits.
Li Shiyu said that Golmud is an important traffic hub in Qinhai Province. Now, the city is in a crucial era characterized by large development and discovery. It is an urgent need for the city to have Susun Group, which is powerful with full reputation to be engaged in the investment and constrcution of local markets. He demands all departments to take the initative and implement the concrete projects.
CEO of the 8th Group of Susun Group Xin Yue, Vice President Wang Qi together with some other officials attended the signing ceremony.