Ms. Yan Xin Holds Talks with the Party Secretary of Fang Chenggang City Li Yanqiang

On January 7th, Ms. Yan Xin held talks with the Party Secretary of Fang Chenggang City Li Yanqiang in Nanning. The two sides had friendly communications in terms of deepening cooperation.
Ms. Yan Xin elaborated the development situation, advantages and corporate culture of Susun Group. She commends the supreme environment of Fang Chenggang city and is full of confidenc e for the prospect of the city. She said the value of a company derives from responsibility, the development of a company derives from trust and reputation. As for our partners, we are sincere; as for acting business, we are practical; as for government-business relations, we can distinguish from each other and as for the project, we pay attention to trust. After twists and turns, we reciprocate the local governments with high-speed, good quality, low cost, few contradications and high efficiency. Fang Chenggang city is an important step for Susun Group to enter the Guangxi market.
Li Yanqiang briefed the socio-economic development of Fang Chenggang. He said Fang Chenggang is trying to build itself into a gateway and node city. A lot of infrastructure construction projects need  to be discovered and exploited . Susun Group has the power and capacity to further friendly cooperation. 
Susun Group CEO Yu Wen together with some other officials attended the meeting.