Susun Group Signed a Two Billion Yaun of Cooperative Framework Agreement with Xupu County

On the December 14th 2015, the vice party secretary and the head of Xupu County, Mr. Xie Shangcheng led a team to visit the HQ of Susun Group. The Chairman of the board of Susun Group, Mrs. Yan Xin received them warmly. During the meeting, Susun Group signed a 2 billion yuan of PPP framework agreement in infrastructural construction projects with Xupu County in Hunan Province. The projects include the south end of Quyuan Road and the second phase of Inner Ring. Mr. Xie Shangcheng expressed that they are welcome Susun Group to engage in the investment and construction of Xupu County. It is the strength and power that Xupu pays much attention to.

Mrs. Yan Xin reviewed historical origin with Hunan Province. She said since 2009 when she backed to the family enterprise, she had once conducted projects in Hunan Province. As for the projects cooperation, Susun Group people know that excellent is simple while simple is not necessarily excellent. The most important thing for a private company is reputation. Once entering into Xupu County, there is no withdrawal mechanism. We only have to conclude our obligations. We Susun Group would like to make our contribution to Xupu County.
Some other top officials and leaders have also attended the conference.