Sutaihua Conglomerate was Elected as China Top 500—27th among all and 1st among Private Companies

Editor: Liu Chang, Zhang Haoran 

On September 2nd, hosted by China Association of Enterprises and China Entrepreneur Association, “2014 China Top 500 Enterprises Summit Forum” was held in Chongqing. On the same day, “2014 China Top 500 List” revealed that Sutaihua Conglomerate’s revenue was 366,38252 billion, being the 27th among all the companies and 1st among private owned ones.
“China Enterprises Top 500” list that is set up by China Association of Enterprises has been successively released for 13 times with the name of “converging the most powerful Chinese enterprises”, becoming the “barometer” that reveals Chinese economy. “2014 China Enterprise Top 500” list reveals that there are 131 companies’ revenue exceed 100 billion RMB, among which, 108 SOEs, 23 private owned companies. In the top 37 companies, 36 of them are SOEs, which include Sinopec, CNPC, State Grid, the four state owned banks, China State Construction Engineering, China Mobile, CNOOC and others. The No. 27 Sutaihua Conglomerate is the one and only private owned companies and it is ahead of Suning Group that ranks 38th for 11 places.
Being elected as “China Enterprise Top 500” is the fame follows the merit of being elected the “World Top 500” in July. Renowned economist Jia Kang believes that the differentiated developming mode of Sutaihua Conglomerate has an essential economic meaning. Standing Deputy Director of CCIEE Zheng Xinli says, Sutaihua Conglomerate is not ostentatious but mainly depending on its real strength, which is the “wind indicator” set for the private owned enterprises.