Huatuo CEO Forum Organizing Committee Five Arm System Culture & Brand Team Special Training Held In Huai’an

Editor: Liu Chang, Zhang Haoran

Huatuo CEO Forum Five Arm System 2014-2015 Culture & Brand Team Special Training was held from August 13th-14th in the Headquarter of Huatuo Construction. Founder of Suitaihua Conglomerate, Chief Editor of New Analects of Confucius, President of Pacific Construction Yan Jiehe delivered the authoritative lecture. CCOs from Suitaihua Conglomerate, backbones from Culture & Brand center, CCOs from subordinate groups, in total more 50 people attended the training. The training was to explore the potential, improve the base and achieve the quality.
In the training, CCOs from different platforms spoke freely and communicated with each other about what has gained through the learning and practicing of corporate culture. The training was also included the test that has oral test and written test. That is to illustrate their understanding towards corporate culture and the writing of news with applying a just and professional way of testing.
The training was conducted by President Yan Jiehe himself and it brought a thought feast for the team. First of all, President Yan Jiehe pointed out that the layout of Culture & Brand of Five Arm System should improved and leveled up. He demands that CCO should reasonably relocated into the “35+2+1” platforms with integrating with the test results. He said that to achieve something great in the culture work, one has to start with a beautiful handwriting. And he believes that the handwriting represents someone’s cultural quality and he gave all the trainees suggestions about how to write beautifully. Also, he made requirements about writing news: on the basis of writing clearly, the news should be illustrated by concrete data. He also emphasized that when writing the news, the reporter should enhancing the communication with the frontier leaders.