President Yan Attended the Commencement Ceremony of Hengxi Highway (Hengyang Section) in Hu’nan Province

Editor: Liu Chang, Tang Jie

On June 28th, the Commencement Ceremony of South Hengyang Highway (Hengyang section) contracted by Pacific Construction No.4 Group was observed the grand opening in Hu’nan Province. Duan Zhigang, Hengyang Municipal Standing Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, Hu Xingwu, Deputy Secretary of Hengyang Municipal Government, Wang Hongbin, Secretary Hengyang County Party Committee, Xiong Chaoqun, Vice Secretary of Hengyang County Party Committee and Hengyang County Magistrate, Jiang Dahong, Hengyang County Standing Committee and Deputy Magistrate, along with main leaders of each municipal and county department attended the commencement ceremony. President Yan, the contributor of New Analects of Confucius, President of Pacific Business School and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Susun Group and Hua Zhujun as well as Fang Lu, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Pacific Construction No.4 Group attended the commencement ceremony.

From the viewpoint of Duan Zhigang, it is really beneficial for Hengyang Municipal and County Government as well as its future development to allow Pacific Construction Group to participate in infrastructure construction. Meanwhile, he hoped Pacific Construction Group to acquire new achievement and glory with excellent engineering projects by taking good advantage of the cooperative project.


In terms of the first project contracted by Pacific Construction Group, from the viewpoint of President Yan, it was really a new milestone, and all the employees of Pacific Construction Group would strive to accomplish the project with high quality and standard and shorten the construction period from original 30 months to 12 months in advance under the principle that “Implementing things prior to conducting oneself” and stick to the standard that “Doing things with high efficiency, excellent quality and low cost while conducting oneself with intelligence, proficiency and obedience”. In the meantime, President Yan indicated Pacific Construction Group would bring resource, fund and wisdom to Hengyang with its participation, since the era of attracting huge investment is coming, which implied that Pacific Construction Group as well as Hengyang Municipal and County Government would realize win-win strategy with wisdom economy. Ultimately, President Yan genuinely invited Hengyang Municipal and County Governments at all levels of leadership as well as the elites from all walks of life to have investigation in Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, etc, and some sites of main projects contracted by Pacific Construction Group.