President Yan Accepted the Interview of Mr.Jaime, CNN Beijing Branch Bureau Chief in Beijing

Editor: Liu Chang, Tang Jie
On June 25th, President Yan accepted the interview of Mr. Jaime A.FlorCruz, Chief Journalist of CNN Beijing Branch Bureau. In the interview, both sides conducted profound communication in simple language in terms of the topics from personal life of President Yan to his experience of enterprise management, from enterprise development to economic strategies, from life insights to current political issues, from significant events to international situation.
As an experienced international media worker who had been stayed in China for over 40 years, to be honest, Mr. Jamie expected to find out the wisdom sample of private company in China for global public opinion in the interview, and he was interested in Pacific Construction Group developmental history ups and downs in the face of adversity in China. From the viewpoints of President Yan, the glory of Pacific Construction Group was not only achieved by its first fortune, but also confirmed different developmental history and process. The difference came from innovation andpersonality, involving becoming enlightened immediately from fabricate rumor, and becoming almighty from full play of talent.
Whereafter, President Yan further illustrated the recent situation of private companies in China. In his opinion, private corporations are the best companies as well as the worst institutes at the same time. Since a minority of powerful enterprises could overcome any hardship to survive and a majority of ordinary enterprises couldn’t for sure. Moreover, he had confidence in the fact that first-class enterprises will be established by Family Yan in China, which was as mighty as anyone excellent worldwide.
Mr. Jamie agreed to the views of President Yan, and President Yan seemed to be worthy of the name of conceited man and an unique entrepreneur as far as he was concerned. Afterwards, President Yan reaffirmed that a majority of Chinese advocate science with a long history of civilization about thousands of years after Mr. Jamie mentioned that the issues ,that Chinese lack beliefs, was universally concerned by global society. President Yan said that the problem of belief shortage had been largely decreased because China is during transition phase from orientation of economic aggregate to economic quality, due to the fact that we should keep the pace with our mentality.
Finally, Jamie mentioned “The global influence of China” and “China Threat Theory”, which was his top concern, and he said:” Globe expects China to play a positive role instead of becoming a changeable nation.” President Yan was in favor of his statement and criticized so called “China Threat Theory”, and he emphasized that Chinese advocate science and love peace. Historically speaking, China entered prosperous period on the basis of powerful economy and flourishing trade instead of battles. China and global village need to increase understanding, enhance comprehension and dissolve misunderstanding, as “The development of China need the comprehension of the world and global harmony want the participation of China!” Subsequently, PresidentYan gave Mr. Jamie New Analects of Confucius and calligraphy as gifts personally, and Jamie invited President Yan to introduce advanced infrastructure construction to hiscountry, Philippines, as well as hoped Pacific Construction to truly develop global business with his best wish.