The Personal Capability and Cultivation of “Six Sister Flowers” Were Built to Improve

Editor: Liu Chang, Tang Jie
In the morning of June 24th, President Yan had guidance to the latest performance of “Six Sister Flowers” after watching it in the conference room, on the 4th floor of the headquarter of Huatuo CEO Committee. Meanwhile, he brought a “cultural course” to all the employees at present once more.
First of all, President Yan had comments on the performance of each “Six Sister Flowers”performer one after another and had adjustment on the performance sequence of three flowers. He pointed out the key to a perfect performance as follows: Firstly, the commentary of “Six Sister Flowers” performance should be truly understood and comprehended filled with appropriate emotion. He expounded the performer of sweet osmanthus as an example, as Tough Business is not only the mental accumulation transformed from sweat, tear and blood, but also the life inspiration of private corporation entrepreneurs. Consequently, a performer of sweet osmanthus couldn’t express connotation to move people unless being equipped with vicissitude but passion. Secondly, perception experience, including standing posture, eye expression,movement range, etc, could be improved in terms of all sorts of external details. Finally, he pointed out the essence of wonderful performance as a whole in the following: On one hand, the performance should be integrated as a whole depends on the characteristics of performers by fostering strengths and circumventing weaknesses, which is put emphasis on the first impression of orchid performer and the last effect of sweet osmanthus. Meanwhile, all “Six Sister Flowers” performers should stand together with the adoption of beneficial proposals of all the parties involved in order to build overall strength.

Whereafter, President Yan had comments on the statement of five new comers after their vivid self-introduction. He congratulated new employees had precious
opportunities to join Five Arm System and encouraged them to develop their skills to full. What’s more, with sincere words and earnest wishes, he indicated the fact that it was presumably transitory for a Five Arm System employee with decent appearance, so everyone is supposed to be modest and restrained so as to be promoted.
Eventually, President Yan raised such a question that why are first-class entrepreneurs both most honorable and most pathetic? New comers had statements to illustrate their understanding in succession towards that question. President Yan gave the penetrating comprehension by two verses written by Bai Juyi, a poet of Tang Dynasty, which went that businessmen always concentrate on profit first and family next, which is regarded as a truly contradictory mentality and tough situation. It is both contradict and united as well between respect and sympathy, since its aim lies in the accomplishment of tasks. He urged all the employees of Huatuo CEO Committee to make greater contribution to Five Arm System with superiority and development of personal capability and cultivation.