President Yan and His Team Had an Investigation in Deyang of Sichuan Province

Editor: Liu Chang, Tang Jie
On June 20th, President Yan, along with Zhang Weifeng and Chang Weiwei, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Pacific Construction No.5 Group, and their business team had an investigation in Deyang of Sichuan Province. Li Xiangzhi, Secretary-general of Deyang, Yang Enlin, Deyang Municipal Party Standing Committee, Deputy Mayor, and the heads of Finance Bureau, Construction Bureau, Transportation Bureau and other departments extended warm welcome to them.

At the meeting, from the viewpoint of President Yan, Deyang is thought as the back yard garden of Chengdu and the second home of highly successful people as well. Since excellent ones are simple ones, he hoped to open up the market of Deyang regardless of the possibility of deficits based on the belief that “Friendship first, projects next”. Pacific Construction Group wishes to have great impact on cooperative partners depends on strength with the principle of sustainable development. In the meantime, Pacific Construction Group is bound to be standby of the government party in any straitened circumstances.

Li Xiangzhi firstly expounded the concrete situation of Deyang, and he gets well familiar with President Yan. In his opinion, it was really worthy of learning and benefitting a lot from the unique developmental mentality and management methods, which promoted Pacific Construction Group to be a top-500-fortune enterprise and domestic largest-scale infrastructure construction enterprise. Last but not least, Li Xiangzhi invited Pacific Construction Group to have investment in Deyang so as to become close friends and cooperative partners.