The Students of Huaiyin Institute of Technology Went to Construction Sites of Susun Construction Projects to Open a New Journey

Editor: Liu Chang, Tang Jie
On June 20th, lots of young people with all kinds of luggage came to headquarter of Susun Group. Who were they and where would they come? Actually, they were the students of Huaiyin Institute of Technology and they would start a new vocational journey including coming to construction sites of Susun Construction Projects.
From the viewpoints of the students of Huaiyin Institute of Technology, it was really lucky for them to join such a large-scale enterprise when stepping into society after they visited cultural wall and signed labor agreements. Meanwhile, in their opinions, they were determined to work hard so as to enhance their occupational quality and business capability regardless of hard work.
Zuo Fan, President of Susun Group, and Song Weiwei, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of Susun Group welcomed the students to join Susun Group. Zuo Fan thought that Susun is committed to the belief that “bringing tangible benefits to employees and enhancing corporate reputation”. Meanwhile, she hoped every employee could strive to realize their life ambition with their proficiency and intelligence. Moreover, she wished there would be an increasing number of excellent graduated students joining Susun Group based on the qualification of youth, education, specialization, internationalization and visualization in order to create the future hand in hand.
It was said that the staff of Susun Group Personnel Department would held over 10 campus recruitments in lots of famous universities including Communications University of China, Fudan University, Donghua University, Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, Nanjing University of the Arts and Huaiyin Institute of Technology, etc, which were warmly welcomed by participation of students. Over 40 graduated students in engineering kinds of majors had been recruited and they would come to the construction sites including Guiping of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Dali of Yunnan Province, Xiuwen and Renhuai of Guizhou Province, etc.