No.3 Company of Susun Construction Welcomes the New Emerging Force

Editor: Liu Chang, Zhang Haoran 
Recently, this year’s graduates employed by Susun Construction went to their positions successively. No.3 Company of Susun Construction welcomed them in beautiful and historic city Dali. Chairman of the Board of No.3 Company paid high attention to them—he showed them around the construction site and the living place in person. He also had talkfest with the graduates with the presence of  chief engineer Zhao Wenzheng, Vice Chairman of the Board of No.3 Company Xiong Bing and other principals. In the talkfest, Chairman of the Board of No.3 Company Yan Mi introduced the distinct advantage of Five Arm System and the operational situation of No.3 Company. He also shared some corporate culture such as “operating with culture and managing with standard”, “able to do things ahead of conducting oneself”, “choose the high mountain is to choose adversity” to name but a few.
Vice Chairman of the Board Xiong Bing introduced the plan of “cultivation and integration plan of new employees” and asked the new employees to conduct a two-way selection of the their job positions. The new employees were of great ambition and they all expressed they are deeply attracted by the profound culture and touched by the mangers’ caring. They all had feelings of being at home. “Opportunities provided by the company will be well cherished and hard work and diligent learning will be given”, expressed by the new employees.

As introduced by Yan Mi, Haidong New Town Project that is currently under construction has overcome a tremendous amount of obstacles that were caused by the weather and demolishing. All types of work have conducted in order.