President Yan met with Wu Wei, Foreign Economic Executive Director of PECC and His Team

Editor: Liu Chang, Tang Jie

On June 11th, the leaders of Foreign Economic & Technological Committee of Pacific Economic Cooperation Council had an investigation in Huatuo Forum Committee in Beijing. President Yan, along with Gong Lin and Li Jingna, Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General of Huatuo Forum Committee, and some senior executives gave warm reception. 

The distinguished guests during the visit included Wu Wei, Foreign Economic Executive Director of PECC, Wang Yongqiu, Managing Director of PECC, and Niu Li, Secretary-General of PECC, etc. They had further communication with President Yan after getting well familiar with the soft and hard power of Five-Arm-System involving “Six Sisters Flowers and Five Brothers Fruits”. President Yan shared investment performance of large amount funds from Pacific Construction both at home and abroad and expressed international vision of “From Pacific construction to constructing Pacific”.

Wu Wei said he was impressed and convinced by the forceful cultural charm and powerful enterprise competence of Five-Arm-System. As the only platform of foreigninternational economic cooperation administrated by National Foreign Affairs Ministry, currently, PECC Foreign Economic Committee is seeking cooperative opportunities with competitive private companies and promoting them to enter global market with foreign resources and international strategies. They eagerly hoped to reach agreement on cooperation with Pacific Construction Group and invited President Yan to work as the first spokesman on behalf of national enterprises for the endorsement of Chinese business leadership in international advanced business dialogue in near future.

President Yan mentioned his five life prospects in next communication: To establish two top-500-scale enterprises including Pacific Construction in top 100 and Yarenhe Education in top 10 worldwide, to acquire a Nobel Prize, to write and publish a famous book and to accomplish the highest-level global forum. Moreover, he hoped to seek cooperative chances from both sides regardless of recent enterprises or future personal prospects, achieving win-win strategy by taking advantage of each other.