2014 Five-Arm-System Boss Joint Tea Party Was Held At Headquarter of Pacific Construction Group

Editor: Liu Chang, Tang Jie
On June 10th, spectacular Boss Joint Tea Party of Five-Arm-System was held at headquarter of Pacific Construction Group in Nanjing. President Yan Jiehe and Chairman Yan Hao, along with bosses of each arm of Five-Arm-System and elites representatives attended the conference. In addition, attendees including new members of Five-Arm-System are outstanding elites from construction central enterprises before.

This was a passionate conference, since an increasing number of elites had joined Five-Arm-System and had cultural learning, brain storming in order to share their experience and plan future development. Before the conference, President Yan let the conference attendees to relax their body, heart and soul through watching the advertising videos of Huatuo Forum and Pacific Construction, in order to recall the endeavor and effort of “Uniqueness, reputation and contribution”. At the beginning of conference, President Yan reaffirmed developmental principle that “To have concentration on market without projects and to pay attention to reputation without profit”, and he also demanded every new staff moves ahead led by the culture that “The dream of building a lasting business empire will only come true with an ambitious vision plus a down-to-earth spirit”, then, President Yan circulated the notification of the arrangement of main events and shared three exciting news including the establishment of Cultural Arm in Guangzhou, 60 billion order form from Pacific Construction Group delegation during the participation of China-South Asia Exhibition and the notice from Magazine Fortune that Pacific Construction Group would successfully become “World Top 500 Enterprises” after a formal announcement in July. The conference attendees were excited under the encouragement of tendency of great progress.

President Yan said:” The layout of Five-Arm-System has been accomplished and our “35+2” industrial pattern, which includes Pacific Construction 25 subordinate groups and 5 respective affiliated groups of Susun Construction and Huatuo Construction, will become the trust of global construction industry!” At the conference, President Yan analyzed the profound issues from enterprise development to its future prospect, from micro effectiveness to macro economy in simple expression, which provided all the attendees at present with an advanced lecture on economics. President Yan also said:” The serious competition of market economy indicates that to leave the space where it is and we will have a bright future. Global village led by first-class enterprises will have a significant impact on international political situation and top 500 enterprises pattern is coming into being soon.” President Yan stated outright that he would be devoted to education, which is regarded as an everlasting industry in the world, as he thought first-class enterprises are first-class business schools and he also supplied a plan on grand prospect of education from talent to leaders.

This was also a serious conference. President Yan trained employees by the conference and put emphasis on the aim that “1st security, 2nd reputation and 3rd benefits.” At the conference, President Yan directly put forward the solution towards problems in output report, the schedule of audited accounts, funds operation and integrated management, etc. He demanded the enterprises of Five-Arm-System could make progress under the good news of Pacific Construction Group so as to achieve further development.

At the conference, new elites were filled with emotion and had statement on after another when closely contacting the culture and management of Five-Arm-System. The bosses of each arm shared their feelings in terms of management and lifetime experiences.

The statement of Chairman Yan Hao was powerful and firm. To begin with, he showed warm welcome to those new elites, and then he announced the latest personnel adjustment and appointment of Pacific Construction Group. He emphasized Pacific Construction subordinate groups should highly concentrate on completion of engineering projects and audited accounts in Guangdong Province with index accomplishment at the end of June. He required everybody of each group to keep the pace with trend and stabilize recent situation.

Ultimately, President Yan put the conference to an end with the words of encouragement that “Successful people are supposed to be in possession of both loyalty and obedience.” After the conference, President Yan invited all the elites to have grand banquet in his private mansion.