Republic of Macedonia Transportation and Communications Minister Sought Mutual Cooperation in Nanjing

Editor: Liu Chang, Tang Jie

On June 9th, Mile Janakieski, Minister of Republic of Macedonia Transportation and Communications Ministry, went to headquarter of Pacific Construction in Nanjing to have investigation and negotiation. President Yan Jiehe , along with Jin Liang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BYR Culture Group, and Wang Ran, CEO of BYR Culture Group, extended warm welcome.

The main intention of the trip of Minster Mile Janakieski lies in participation of a conference and an investigation of an enterprise due to a busy schedule, which gave rise to economic communication and political mutual trust.

Conference: China Central Eastern Nations Economy and Trade Promotion Ministry Conference, whose attendees included Yang Jiechi, Commissioner of the State Council, Gao Hucheng, Minister of China Commerce, as well as governors of Zhejiang Province and Representatives of each country.

Enterprise: Pacific Construction Group, the largest-scale City Operator in China.

During investigation, President Yan made explanation in terms of enterprise culture so as to let cooperative partners to get familiar with essence of No.1 enterprise in China. Meanwhile, Minister Mile Janakieski mentioned “No.8 Corridor in Europe”, infrastructure project of highway, and he showed strong aspiration that Pacific Construction Group could invest in Macedonia through having investigation and cooperation by President Yan and his team.

The investigation not only verified the strong power of the slogan again that “Implementing business by culture”, but also testified international applicability of Law of Yan that “First-class enterprises concentrate on culture and standard”.

As newly-established platform of Five-arm-system, it is believed that Cultural Arm will have a promising future by infrastructure construction.