President Yan Jiehe and His Team Implemented Expansion, Stabilization and Extension Policy To Best Capability with Precious Opportunities

Editor: Liu Chang, Tang Jie
On May 28th, the leaders of 11 Municipal Health Planning Bureaus including Zhuhai, Meizhou, Zhaoqing and Chaozhou, etc, participated learning proseminar in Nanjing, which was reported to President Yan Jiehe by Pacific Construction business team immediately, and they sent invitation to those governors under the instruction of President Yan, who made up his mind to abolish any arrangement and go back Nanjing to take part in the reception due to his keen market intuition as soon as he gets the information.

In the afternoon of May 28th, President Yan explained complicated content including developmental history, business pattern, key engineering projects and society responsibility, etc, in simple expression to about 10 municipal leaders of Guangdong Province. After listening to the introduction by Mr. Yan, all the attendees on the scene stood together and made a bow to him for respect. Mr. Wang Guilian, the Deputy Xiangzhou District Head of Zhuhai made a statement on behalf of government leaders:” We are moved and surprised in the reception for personal charm of Mr. Yan as well as the charm of his corporation.
It was firmly believed to lay a solid foundation to expand market in Guangdong Province though there wasn’t substantial progress of project cooperation through the reception. It was a perfection of Expansion, Stabilization and Extension Policy as well as extraordinarily painstaking efforts of Mr. Yan. Under the instruction of proverb from Mr. Yan saying that “First-class elites create opportunities”, our business team members are supposed to actively create opportunities and activate business in Guangzhou Province even the whole nation on accordance with expansion, stabilization and extension policy instead of living up to great expectation in order to acquire promising achievement in the near future.