Susun Group Held the Corporate Culture Knowledge Contest

Editor: Liu Chang, Zhang Haoran

Enterprises of the first class focus on their corporate culture and standard. To enhance the understanding of Susun employees towards corporate culture, on May 15th, Susun Group Corporate Culture Knowledge Contest was held in Susun's headquarter. The Executive Chairman of the Board Chenfeng, President of Susun Group Zuo Fan, Chairman of the Board of Susun Construction Zou Zhaojie were the judges. Chairperson of the Board of the Supervisors of Susun Group—CFO Song Weiwei supervised the whole contest process.
Differentiated from questions printed on paper, the contest applied question forms of required questions, preemptive questions, risk questions, and elaboration questions. The contestants of each question were elected by the judges randomly, which activated the live ambience. It has placed a tough task of the response speed, scope of knowledge, and subjective initiative for the contestants.
The contest was tense and fierce but everything was in order. Some of the contestants' answers are of full of humor and some were very wise, which made the audience fail to hold back the laughter. After four rounds of competition, Team B, consists of Administrative Center and Corporate Culture Center got the first place with a total mark of 258.3. Consisting Yan Jiehe Studio, Branding Center, and Rear Services Center, Team D was placed as the second with the mark a little higher than the Third Place—Team A from Susun Capital.
President Zuo Fan commented that this contest applied different forms of questions so that it is able to make Susun people to go from reciting to understanding. Chen Feng made the last conclusion: applying this contest, Susun people is able to better understand our corporate culture and President Yan Jiehe's 30 years of innovation, thought, practices and creation. Therefore our mind-set would be upgraded through the unconscious corporate culture influence.