Board Chairman of Susun Construction Zou Zhaojie Went Yunnan Project to Inspect and Held Work Meeting

Editor: Liu Chang, Zhang Haoran
In the meeting, each department made reports about their current work process and the next work steps. Board Chairman of the second company Yan Mi explained all the questions raised by each department. He also made work requirements for the work ahead. 
Zou Zhaojie announced the main idea about “the Third Board of Directors Expanding Meeting of Five Arm System”and he also pointed out the relative problems found out when he was inspecting the projects in the field. He emphasized that it is needed to execute the standardized management, strengthen the team building and executive force. He made instructions and suggestions for the project construction organizing, the project image, project process and other aspects. It is hoped that this meeting will level up all the personnel’s cognition therefore eventually make the project competitive and public praised.