President Yan Jiehe Investigated Hangzhou Airport Economic Area

 Editor: Liu Chang, Lu Hong

On April 29th ,  Chief Contributor of New Analects of Confucius, President of Pacific Business School, Board Chairman of Susun Group Yan Jiehe, together with CEO of Pacific Construction Group Yan Baoche, President of Susun Construction Zhang Lingbo, COO of Susun Construction Chen Jiaqi visited Hangzhou Airport Economic Area (Airport New Town).  Director of the Administrative Committee of Hangzhou Airport Economic Area Yao Jin offered warm reception.

Director Yao Jin said, Hangzhou Airport Economic Area is not just a modern industrial town, but also a livable town. The Administrative Committee will provide investors with excellent full-service, and make great efforts to build Hangzhou Airport Economic Area to be an investment destination with most optimal environment, best services and highest credibility. He also welcomed Pacific Construction and Susun Construction to participate in the investment and construction of Hangzhou Airport Economic Area.

Later on, President Yan Jiehe and the delegation visited Qianhong Group. Accompanied by constant applause, President Yan was invited to give a lecture covering current China’s economy and private economy to the elite team of Qianhong Group. President Yan said, China’s private economy strode along the way through obstacles, transcended constantly and accomplished its social mission of creating fortune and self-perfection. The outstanding private enterprises should enhance their strength in transformation and escalation, seize opportunities to make themselves stronger and bigger. Meanwhile, never forget the Sunny attitude, Tender soul, and Kind heart. The management of Qianhong Group sighed that the speech given by President Yan was impressive and worth serious learning.

Hangzhou Airport Economic Area, established in 2008, is located on Xiaoshan District, in the southern wing of Yangtze delta, by the south bank of Qiantang River, around the core block of the manufacturing belt of Hangzhou Bay. Situated next to Hanzhou and having Shanghai at the back, Hangzhou Airport Economic Area possesses unique location and rarity of airport resources.