President Yan Jiehe Gave Lecture to Guangdong Province Officials

Editor: Liu Chang, Zhang Haoran

On April 24th, invited by Guangdong Economy and Information Committee, President Yan Jiehe attended the training for leaders from Guangdong province industrial parks, sustainable economy industrial parks and so forth. He delivered a remarkable speech to some 300 officials of provincial key industrial parks with the theme of “Industrial Parks Construction and Infrastructure Investment”. It has drawn much applause from the audience. 
In the meeting, President Yan explicitly explained the issue that is focused on China’s current economy and future world economy development situation, the new type urbanization and other hot issues by using humorous, popular and easy-to-understand language. As President Yan pointed out: the direction for new type urbanization is not in the city but the down. City carries history and breeds the future in the meanwhile; leave space where it is and we will have a bright future. Besides, President Yan made unique and thorough analysis regarding the wisdom for how to be a person and how to do things. In the three hours’ speech, President Yan summarized his 30 years of thought, 30 years of practices, and 30 years of creation by using his unique perspective and powerful language, which has truly broadened the trainees’ horizon and views. 
At last, president Yan noted that fortune is not an eternal friend, but friend is always eternal fortune. Friends are like mountains and sea. President Yan Jiehe expects to have a prosperous future with working with Pacific Construction adherently stick on the principle of making friends before doing business.