Secretary of Foreign Trade & Economy Commission Niu Li of China PECC Visited Susun Group

Editor: Liu Chang, Zhang Haoran

On April 28th, Secretary of Foreign Trade & Economy Commission Niu Li of China PECC visited Susun Group and offered instructions. Chief Contributor of New Analects of Confucius, President of Pacific Business School, Board Chairman of Susun Group Yan Jiehe, together with Executive Board Chairman of Susun Group Chen Feng, CEO of Pacific Construction Group Yan Baoche,  President of Susun Group Zuo Fan offered warm reception. 
President Yan explained the Susun Corporate Culture Wall himself to Secretary Niu Li. It demonstrated the unique and profound corporate culture as well as the brand image of the Five Arm System. Afterwards, both sides had a deep discussion regarding how to make Chinese enterprises to go out of the country and how to make a good international image for Chinese private enterprises. 


Secretary Niu Li expressed her great admiration towards President Yan’s profound knowledge and sparkling thought. She hopes PECC and Five Arm System will form a good strategic relationship so that both sides will discuss the future development and achieve a win-win situation. 
Managing Director of China PECC Foreign Trade & Economy Commission, Former China’s ambassador to Nigeria, Former China’s ambassador to Tanzania Wang Yongqiu hopes to strengthen the cooperation with Five Arm System to explore more opportunities to promote China’s private enterprises to go abroad. 


As the biggest China’s city operator, CPCG has developed a mature domestic market. Based on the trend that private enterprises are of great possibility to explore their market abroad, President Yan is very confident with the ultimate goal—to go from the Pacific Construction to Construct the Pacific. 
In the end of the meeting, Secretary Niu Li and her delegation expressed warm welcome to President Yan for his attending of the Fifth International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Summit Forum that will be held in the next month in Macao and she is of great expect for the brilliant speech that will be given by President Yan.
Note: The full name of “China PECC” is Foreign Trade & Economy Commission for China Pacific Economic Cooperation Council. It was founded in 2010 by the approval of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is the only international cooperative platform that uses diplomacy resources.