President of Susun Construction Zhang Lingbo Went Yanjin County for Inspection

Editor: Liu Chang, Zhang Haoran 

Vice Chairman of the Board that belongs the Second Group of Pacific Construction Zhang Yunping, President of Susun Construction Zhang Lingbo, general engineer of Susun Construction Zhao Wenzheng, Board Chairman of the Seventh Company, Second Group Xian Yubing went to Yanjin County, Yunnan Province for inspection recently. County Magistrate of Yanjin—Li Xiao, Deputy County Magistrate of Yanjin Shu Zhisheng, and leaders from road transport bureau offered warm reception.
County Magistrate Li Xiao made in-depth explanation of Shuitian New Town project, Shuiqing Road Project and other infrastructure of Yanjin County to our inspection team. They mentioned that they still remember when they went to Shanghai, the warm reception given by President Yan so that they have been hoping Pacific Construction and Susun Construction will join the investment and infrastructure construction in Yanjin County. Both sides might need to form groups aiming at making seamless joint regarding the cooperation details within 15 days , as suggested by County Magistrate Li Xiao. Zhang Yunping and Zhang Lingbo expressed that they will form a working group at once to promote the preliminary matters so that the projects can be done in a perfect way, which, ultimately, contributing to the development of Yanjin City.