President Yan Jiehe Met the Delegation of Municipal Party Secretary of Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province Wang Ping

Editor: Liu Chang, Zhang Haoran

On April 1st, Chief Contributor of New Analects of Confucius, President of Pacific Business School, Board Chairman of Susun Group Yan Jiehe met Municipal Party Secretary of Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province Wang Ping and Director of Jinggangshan economic and technological development zone Deng Shubin, Director of Ji’an Ministy Committee Tan Hua, Director of Taiwan Affairs Department Fan Jianhua, Deputy Director of Ji’an Municipal Party Committee Xiao Xiangqian, and Deputy Director of Jinggangshan economic and technological development zone Gan Yifeng. Vice Board Chairman of Huatuo Construction Lu Wanyou, Board Chairman of the Ninth Group of CPCG Chen Jiatu, Vice Board Chairman Huang Xuedong, Wang Chengyan, and Vice President Yao Yao also attended the meeting. 
In the meeting, President Yan Jiehe explicitly explained the developing concept of “Small Success Needs Friend while Big Success Requires Enemies”. He pointed out that the development of enterprise and the improvement of a country are dependent on the interaction with market. Only by fully depending on market itself, can it be possible to implement the HR principle of—“the talented get promoted; the ordinary get removed; the mediocre get resigned”; can it be possible to inject new energy to our enterprise. Afterwards, President Yan Jiehe reviewed the profound friendship of the never-leave-or-forsaken six years that CPCG has been with Ji’an City regardless of the situation. As he expressed, CPCG people have been holding the concept of “making friends before doing business”. For all the six years, we first made our acquaintance, then we got to know each other. Just because we beautifully completed the projects, we made quite a number of friends. Therefore we owned the Ji’an market. While having the interactions with Ji’an, we made a deep understanding of each other and close friends were made. President Yan Jiehe sincerely invited the secretary and other leaders from municipal party to attend the Huatuo CEO Forum for China and Foreign Political and Business Leaders in July. Wang Ping expressed: “CPCG is our country’s renowned construction group. It has been contributing for Ji’an’s economic development for long. I hope CPCG will help Ji’an City with even more effort and more projects cooperation between us are expected. Meanwhile, Ji’an city is on its way to create a investment-friendly environment in order to nicely complete the projects together with CPCG.
After the meeting, President Yan Jiehe gave New Analects of Confucius as a present to Secretary Wang Ping and invited her to have in-field inspection in all the CPCG construction projects.