President Yan Attended the Spring Conversazione in Nanjing

Editor: Zhang Haoran
“A Good Book—A Consultant—A School”

The work for the year is best begun in spring. On March 31st, Spring Conversazione in CPCG headquarter was held in Nanjing. Chief Contributor of New Analects of Confucius, President of Pacific Business School, Board Chairman of Susun Group Yan Jiehe, CEO of CPCG Yan Baoche, Head of Consultative Committee Xu Jinchun, President Yin Libing and other senior managers as well as all the employees attended the meeting. 
In the meeting, President Yan Jiehe made in-detailed strategic guidance and next half year’s work expectation. He pointed out, the development for the first half year was very satisfactory. Sized this golden opportunity, CPCG ought to make a big out of it. As he put it, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone is of great help for the future development for Five Arm System. The ascendency of the Free Trade Zone has the feature of being in a dense and powerful economy situation. After full range of integration, the Five Arm System will be gathered around Yangtze River Delta Area, which runs through three cities of the north of Yangtze River and six cities in the south. It will officially form a more complete and powerful system. 
President Yan emphasized, he has been sticking to the principle of three “Hearts”, “Sunshiny Attitude—Tender Souls—Kind Mind”. Therefore, he achieved what he has today. In a fiercely-competed market of today, he requires Pacific Construction to change from doing projects to doing market, from getting profit to getting reputation. Applying a sunshiny attitude to win the future and the market. 
President Yan drew the outline of a grand education blueprint in the meeting: “there will be Genius Education, Talented Education, Mainstay Education, President Education and Leader Education. Our students are the true genius and our teachers are of the first class. The outstanding employees of Five Arm System will be chosen as the teachers. ”
Afterwards, directors of different departments delivered speeches that summarize the past and prospect the future. The newly-recruited employees of CPCG made self-introductions and the work plans for the future.
After the meeting, President Yan made “A Good Book—A Consultant—A School” as the conclusion of the meeting:“A Good Book—Successful Man, A Consultant—Life, A School—Society”. Only successful man is worthy of being read; Only life is the eternal teacher; Only practices in society are most meaningful for studying. To the family members of the Five Arm System: Yan Jiehe is a good book; life in Five Arm System is the best consultant; the platform of Five Arm System is the best school. President Yan encourages us to be brave enough to deny, courageous enough to innovate, wise enough to lose, delighted enough to give up and brilliant enough to return to zero; To be an extraordinary people and eventually harvest successful life.