President Yan Attended the Sixth Regular Working Meeting of Huatuo Construction

Ediotr: Liu Chang, Zhang Haoran
Industrial Arm Leads the Return of Educational Arm

On April the 1st, the Sixth Huatuo Construction Regular Working Meeting was held in Huai’an. President of Pacific Business School Yan Jiehe, Board Chairman of Huatuo Construction Zhang Ye, President Xia Xianglei, Board Chairmen of Subordinate Groups and all the employees attended the meeting.
In the meeting, President Yan emphasized the importance of the April 15th Meeting. This meeting will preliminarily set up the frame of Five Arm System and the Five Arm System will be officially settled in July 5th. Different arms from the Five Arm System will be centralized in Yangtze River Delta Area. Six cities from Mode of “6+3” will be chosen in the south of Yangtze River: Nanjing, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou. And three cities are chosen in the north of Yangtze River: Yangzhou, Huai’an and Nantong. Besides, President Yan explicitly explained the five types of education that are included in the Educational Arm.
Confronting the problems encountered in Huatuo Construction, President Yan expressed that one only has the obligation of self-examination but does not have the right to summarize others. One should be strict to himself for all the time. Huatuo Construction is the same with the other four arms in terms of HR principles: the vocational positions are merciless while the treatment is emotion-attached—the talented get promoted; the ordinary get removed; the mediocre get resigned.
In the end, President Yan sent word to all the personnel: the successful people are the best books; one’s life is the best advisor; our society is the best school. Huatuo Construction will try it best to realize the China’s Dream for our Five Arm System—“My University and my dream”.