President Yan Jiehe Received Exclusive Interviews From China Business Network and other Media

Editor: Zhang Haoran 
On March 20th, President Yan received exclusive interviews from the show—Decoding Business and Finance, Shanghai Commercial News and Lujiazui. Regarding topics about the “BT mode, new type urbanization, treating the employees well” and so forth, President Yan and the media friends had a deep communication.

In the interview, President Yan pointed out: comparing with state owned enterprise, BT mode has the advantages of being low-cost, high-efficient, high-speeded. He thinks China government should implement public tendering when doing infrastructure construction in order to break the monopoly. Private enterprises are of full responsibility of its own profits and losses. By doing this, corruption will be reduced and internal expenses will be eliminated.
When talking about new type urbanization, President Yan says urbanization cannot excessively depend on the real estate industry. As he emphasized, a country’s urbanization, city and countryside integration should depend on the real estate industry but not solely dependent on it. New type urbanization should transfer from traditional industry to modern industry. Meanwhile, he spoke frankly that he believes education and culture industry will have a bright future. As he put it, “I am going to spend 5 fives in building a classic modern service industry—my university, my city”.

The Column Group Decoding Business and Finance from China Business Network also interviewed the employees from Susun.