President Yan Jiehe Went Huaibei City to Inspect Project

Editor: Zhang Haoran

On 17th March, Board Chairman of Susun Group, President of Pacific Construction Yan Jiehe went Huaibei to inspect the infrastructure investment environment. Huaibei Municipal Party Committee Secretary Xiao Chaoying, major Huang Xiaowu offered President Yan and the delegation warm reception. Both sides had a friendly discussion regarding Huaibei infrastructure construction projects.
Officials of Huaibei government introduced the city development patterns and the projects in planning. He expressed that he welcomes Susun Construction taking part in the city construction of Huaibei. He hopes that both sides will seek the best cooperative mode and planned a series of good cooperating projects. Therefore, it is possible for helping the Huaibei City’s development while both of the sides are in win-win situation.
In the meeting, President Yan introduced the Susun Construction and its operating mode. He expressed Pacific Construction had already achieved precious experience with Huaibei in many construction projects. He also hopes this time will be another success of cooperating with Huaibei to build a new city.
The talk between President Yan and Huaibei Government mainly discussed specific projects, which has an imperative meaning in promoting a deeper cooperation of the two sides.