Susun Construction and Xiuwen County of Guizhou Province Signed Infrastructure Framework Agreement

Editor:Zhang Haoran

In the afternoon of March 7th , Board Chairman of Susun Group, President of Pacific Business School Yan Jiehe, Vice Board Chairman of Susun Construction Huang Yanbin, COO Chen Jiaqi and Board Chairman of The First Company of Susun Construction Liang Zhaohui, Board Chairman of The Fifth Company of Susun Construction Wang Chunsheng and others visited Xiuwen County’s city infrastructure and negotiated with the projects. Secretary of Xiuwen County Shi Hong, County Magistrate Jiang Zhilun and others attended the talk.
In the talk, both sides exchanged their opinions toward the cooperating mode regarding the infrastructure projects. President Yan attached importance in introducing Susun and the corporate culture of Five Arm System. He hopes both sides would work together base on mutual trust, mutual benefit, win-win situation in order to accelerate the pace of promoting the new-type urbanization in Xiuwen. 
County Magistrate of Xiuwen Jiang Zhilun was very impressed by the corporate culture of Susun and spoke highly of the fact that President Yan chooses to be in charge of Susun Construction.

After the talk, Xiuwen County and Susun Construction signed the infrastructure agent construct framework agreement. The project is planned to be started in April.