Establishment of Huatuo Construction and Five Arm System Regular Operating and Managing Meeting Held in Huai’an

Editor:Zhang Haoran

Spring has returned to the earth; Career is thriving in our heart. Just after the President Team finished the business trip in Oceania, President Yan led the team to hold the work meeting about the establishment of Huatuo Construction and the regular operating and managing meeting in Huai’an. President Yan made strategic guidance and Chairman Yan Hao made a summary speech. Some one hundred high-level managers attended the meeting.
Before the meeting, President Yan pointed out that it is needed to change the way of thinking. We ought to think in the way of an entrepreneur; we need to change from completing project to exploring market, from making profit to gaining reputation, from farmer-entrepreneur to international entrepreneur. 
In the meeting, after shared the grand occasion of the symposium of New Analects of Confucius,  President Yan made strategic guidance in five main aspects: 1. Passing down the authority 2. Deciding who would be the Presidents of Susun Capital and Susun Construction. 3. Creating the mechanism of a green-lighted way for personnel to “going-up” and “heading-down” in terms of vocational positions. 4. The separation of Yan Jiehe Studio and Six Sisters Flowers. 5. The reform of salary system.
President Yan emphasized: Susun Capital and Huatuo Construction will be forging a platform of compound-typed elites who are good at operation, able to manage, and knowing profession. In the future, it would be the birthplace for the future Board Chairmen of Pacific Construction. In the future, authority should be given together with equal amount of responsibility. It is needed to say less of “ifs” but more of “results” therefore it is possible to make achievements. Salary system should change from annual salary system to monthly salary system. All the employees should add crisis awareness to themselves for achieving a resplendent future. 
Afterwards, regarding the five main aspects mentioned by President Yan, board chairmen of subordinate groups of CPCG and each company from Huatuo Construction, and board chairman of supervisors of “the three” platforms made their speeches. President Yan made his comments based on what each of them said. He emphasized: managing should be less spoken of whereas operating and teamwork should more often to be.
Board Chairman of Huatuo Construction Zhang Ye, Vice Board Chairman Lu Wanyou, CEO Yan Hongxiang, President Xia Xianglei and other newly appointed leaders gave passionate speeches. They expressed that they are very confident of the prosperous future of Huatuo Construction and they will be adherently marching together with it. 
At last, Chairman Yan Hao made a summary speech. Firstly, he expressed his wishes to the establishment of Huatuo Construction. He also said he would be together with everyone, shoulder everything good or bad with everyone, carry forward to our promising career, welcome the fruitful tomorrow of the Five Arm System.