Susun Group Organized Newly-Recruited Employees’ Work Orientation

Editor: Zhang Haoran
In order to blend into Susun Group’s working environment, in the afternoon of December 18th, Susun Group organized a work orientation for the newly-recruited employees. 
The orientation was made up of three parts: orientation for finance, for corporate culture, and for HR. It was mainly about the explanations for different departments’ need-to-know knowledge. Especially concerning the procedure involved in the daily working life. For instance, the procedures for asking for leave, reimbursement, demission and so forth. Board Chairman of Supervisors of Susun Group Song Weiwei linked the real case to the orientation, which made the boring procedures become vivid and live. Regarding corporate culture, corporate developing history, VI of field construction projects, opening ceremony arrangements, meeting arrangements and other professional knowledge, Culture Center gave detailed explanations to those attended. Concerning HR and work attendance managerial regulations, Human Resourse Center made a speech and answered all the questions.

Through this orientation, the newly-recruited employees grasped what needed in daily work and enhanced the belongingness and responsibilities toward our corporate.