Corporate Culture Training for Top Leaders of Susun Construction

Editor:Zhang Haoran
From December 11th to 12th , Culture Center of Susun Group organized a corporate culture training that lasted for one and half days. This training involved the core corporate culture and values, corporate VI, the Six Flower Species and videos about communication had by President Yan Jiehe and the mainstream media.
Leaders who attended the training unanimously believed they have learned quite a lot through this training. Board Chairman of the Fifth Susun Construction Company Wang Chunsheng expressed that this training gave him a clearer idea about President Yan Jiehe’s ideology and wisdom, which provided us with deeper understanding of our corporate culture. Meanwhile, Board Chairman of the First Construction Company of Susun Liang Chaohui noted that he hoped to see more video that are similar to President Yan Jiehe’s Lecture and Ai Pin Lecture would be included into the training course. By doing that, trainees are truly able to go from “reciting knowledge” to “understanding knowledge” .