Vivid Media Visited Susun Group

Editor: Zhang Haoran 

On December 8th, Yang Hui, President of Vivid Media, Jiang Lingshuang, film producer of Boss Town visited Susun Group. They received warm receptions from President Yan Jiehe.
President Yan Jiehe showed Yang Hui and her delegation the interior of Susun Group and explained the corporate culture by himself. In Susun Group, corporate culture is everywhere. The main hall has exhibition area for the corporate culture products. Corporate culture wall in the corridor demonstrates the developing history of Susun Group and photographs about social activities for public good. Details have showcased the corporate concept—Invisibility of Corporate Culture.
Yang Hui was very much agreed with Susun Group’s corporate culture. Both of the sides also communicated about topics regarding enterprise development, social responsibility, and culture media.
It is known that Vivid Media is a leading media organization and cross-media operator that is aimed at pursuing originality so that to provide high quality contents as its competitive advantage.