Susun Capital Held Direct Sales Team Working Meeting

Editor:Zhang Haoran


In the afternoon of December 5th, Susun Capital held the first working meeting of the direct sales team for Private Equity. Vice Chairman of the Board of Susun Group Wu Jiang, CEO of Susun Capital Group Wu Xiaoyong, VP of Susun Capital Xu Fuliang and other leaders as well as the whole team members attended the meeting. Capital Center gave an account of the direct sales team’s personnel structure and future developing plan.
In the meeting, the newly-recruited employees made self introductions. They said Susun Capital is a great platform and they hope this platform is of possibility for them to achieve their self-actualization, which ultimately made fortunes for Susun Capital. Xu Fuliang reported the establishment of the direction sales team and the plan for the promotion of new products. Wu Xiaoyong communicated with the colleagues regarding the direct sales team’s role and position in Susun Capital, the challenges and opportunities confronted.
Vice Chairman Wu Jiang is pleased with the team built by the Capital Centre within such a short period of time and gave high expectations to the future development of the team.
Vice Chairman Wu Jiang hopes the Capital Centre to build and perfect the direct sales team’s appraisal system and salary system, which guarantee the possibility of steady and healthy development of the team. She emphasized the importance of process management of the direct sales team. As she put it: “we are aimed at building a sales team that is based on virtuous circle, sustainability, and steady performance.”
As to the recruitment for direct sales team, Wu Jiang expressed that we ought to adherently stick to the principle of “recruiting talents without constrains” so that to select those professionals who are of great integrity and professional virtues. She hopes in the future, direct sales team is able to create healthy working ambience, positive working attitude, both of which work together to make outstanding performance.